6 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Welcome September! September 1st means a lot of things to me – my rent is due, I only have 6 weeks to pull together a 200+ person wedding, I only have ONE week to find Josh an anniversary gift, I really really need a job, and it’s FALL!  Ok, so it’s not officially fall yet, we’re not even past Labor Day, but come the first of September I would argue that it’s at least scarf season again!!

Just in time for the change in temperature, Coldwater Creek has posted on their page this awesome step-by-step chart detailing 6 different ways to tie a scarf.  I’m usually one of those girls sticking to the “Loop -n- Through” (see #1 below), or just winging it and coming up with some ridiculous knot.  Now I seriously can’t wait to try all of these new methods!

I personally can’t wait to try #6, although I’m hoping I don’t end up strangling myself in knots in the process.  Happy September everyone! xo

10 thoughts on “6 Ways to Tie a Scarf

  1. Why are all of these mannequins dressed like grandmothers??

    Also if you think I won’t be trying some of these out because they are for “ladies” you’re DEAD wrong…

    • I think they’re dressed like grandmothers because Coldwater Creek is traditionally an “older woman” store. I found the “ways to tie a scarf” on pinterest, not by shopping on their site directly.

      However, all scarf-tying methods I think are completely unisex. I can personally see #2 on you, tucked into a new fall jacket or cardi. :)

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