Fall Hair: Waterfall Braid

It’s rainy and cold here in NYC this morning and I am happily snuggling with a warm dog on my couch today.  I have plenty to do, but most involves phone calls and emailing, so I think I can actually get away with staying in my sweats the ENTIRE day.  Glory hallelujah!

Now that we’re entering a new season, it’s great to update your hairstyle to go with your new wardrobe.  The long, loose wavy locks of summer need a little shape and direction when it comes to fall, and braids are the perfect solution. I present to you:

The Waterfall Braid

Image source: Buzznet 

I have been seeing these braids everywhere lately (and by everywhere, I of course mean on Pinterest) and I love love love the look! You can go around the back of your hair, or even just on the sides and tucked back with a bobby pin.

Image Source: Ciao Bella

Here’s a great tutorial on how to get the style:

Hope you have a fabulous week! Only 4 days until the weekend :)  xo

4 thoughts on “Fall Hair: Waterfall Braid

    • Check out the video posted – her ID is Lilith Moon and she is awesome. She has tons of hairstyle tutorials on youtube and is really good at showing the techniques in a simplified way.

      Love this hairdo.

  1. Very pretty, especially the 2nd set of pictures.
    I so wish I could do this, but even with the key words I still fail!
    Great post by the way :)

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